8th Annual GPHA Coyote Classic

8th Annual

GPHA Coyote Classic

February 17-19, 2017

  • The format of the GPHA Classic is a maximum of (2) hunters per team, plus the representative assigned to the team by the Tournament Committee.
    A youth under the age of 16 can accompany a team as well.
    (A team can allow a landowner to accompany them and their rep while the owner’s property is being hunted, but only as an observer).
  • Teams are responsible for their own hunting areas, and may hunt anywhere they have legal permission within the Georgia State Lines.

Tournament Rules

The primary rules for this event are the Georgia Game Laws as administered by the Georgia Department of Natural Resources.
Any violation of these rules will result in disqualification, and possible prosecution.

  1. Friday, February 17th, you may begin hunting 3 hours after the team meeting is finished. This allows all hunters equal hunting time regardless of travel time. There will be a North (Atlanta Area), Central and a South check-in point for Friday night.
  2. On Sunday, February 19th, you will be required to be at the weigh-in and in line by 2pm.  While in the check in line, please have your kills organized on the back of your truck by kill block number to help speed up the check-in process.
  3. Check-in times will be STRONGLY ENFORCED!  Any team failing to check-in by the designated time will be disqualified.  The official tournament time will be from the coordinator’s cell phone.  No exceptions to this rule so give yourself enough time in case a problem should arise!
  4.  ***Once an animal is killed, your rep will mark the kill sheet with the day and time of kill.  Mark a (s) if the animal was killed with a shotgun and a (r) if the animal was killed by the rep.  The rep will then secure the corresponding kill block inside the mouth of the animal. Any tampering of the kill block will result in a DQ of that animal. In the event that you run out of kill blocks write all the info on a piece of paper and place in the animal’s mouth. Tag kills #1 w/ kill block #1 and so on and so forth. Please turn in all unused kill blocks during check-in.
  5. Only 1 team member and rep are required to be present during check-in.
  6. Both team members must hunt together and both must be in the general vicinity of the rep at all times.
  7.  Any animal that a rep kills during the hunt, will count towards the teams total as long as it was killed under the legal rules of the tournament. It is the team’s decision as to whether their rep is allowed to hunt, or just serve as an observer.
  8. No chasing of animals allowed.  Any pursuit of animals from the vehicle will result in disallowance of that animal. Animals can be shot when traveling from stand to stand and will count towards the team’s total if:
    1. The animal is not pursued with a vehicle or ATV, or shot from inside vehicle or ATV.
    2. The vehicle is not moving under power at the time of the kill.
    3. The animal is not shot from a rite-of-way or road as prohibited by the Ga. DNR regulations
  9. The use of live decoys or dogs is prohibited.
  10. Teams shall NOT hunt from a location that can be classified or considered as a penned or fenced area used to raise or house coyotes, or one that would violate the concept of “fair chase”. Trapped animals are also not allowed. Animals turned in that show clear evidence of having been recently trapped WILL be disqualified.
  11. All ties will be broken by total weight of teams animals. Any ties with the heavy and smallest coyotes will be broken by the weight of the teams 2nd heaviest and second smallest coyote!
  12. During check-in, the rep must bring to the attention of the tournament coordinator any disputed kill that a team may have. A decision will be made by the tournament committee.
  13. Any dispute dealing with the rules of this hunt may be protested. Teams have 15 minutes after they have checked in to file a protest. Protests will be handled by the tournament coordinator and a 4 person tournament committee in which a final ruling will be made. All rulings by the tournament committee are final!
  14. If a problem should arise dealing with a rep having to leave throughout the hunt (i.e. emergency, etc.), or if there is an unresolvable disagreement between the team and the rep, immediately contact one of the tournament directors for further instructions.
  15. Be safe have a great weekend of calling and don’t forget to exchange contact info with your reps!
  16. All animals turned in become the property of GPHA, and may be purchased back.



  • In addition to the above listed rules numbers 1-16, the participants in the UNRESTRICTED CLASS are allowed to use any type of legal spotting and shooting devices to include thermal imaging and night vision.


  • In addition to the above listed rules numbers 1-16, the participants in the RESTRICTED CLASS are only allowed to use legal lights to spot and harvest.  NO NIGHT VISION OF ANY KIND WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE RESTRICTED CLASS!
  • Should a team following the rules of the RESTRICTED CLASS choose to double register, they will also be eligible to have their totals counted in the UNLIMITED CLASS as well.

** It is the responsibility of each team to make sure that they are following the most recent set of rules, which will be confirmed at the kickoff meeting prior to the official start of the hunt.  (The GPHA reserved the right to amend these rules as necessary for the benefit of the hunt at any time prior to the official start of the hunt. All teams will be notified of any changes prior to them being in effect.)

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(Updated 12/7/2015)